Risks from Pest

pest hazards

Health Hazards From Pests

Pests are found at home. Thus, pest hazards can present health problems on several levels. A few invaders of your home will bring about harm by either their bite or sting. In contrast, others will cause disease via contamination from their droppings or urine if you live in an area with a lot of brush and greenery, such as the Western Suburbs. Perhaps you might as well need a pest control treatment by Steam n Dry Pest Control Auckland Services to protect your home from these dangers.

Just as termites can affect the health of your home, ticks can impact the health of the entire family and your pets. These pests are easy to pick up after walking in the woods or even through your lawn. This allows it to bring about some potentially serious health concerns. Tick bites may well spread the bacteria that can cause these diseases. If you suspect a tick problem, bringing in a Pest Control service in Auckland immediately can help maintain better overall health for everyone.

Pest Hazards

Rodents are a double threat, as they can spread diseases in two ways. They contaminate your home with their droppings and urine and act as carriers for ticks that transmit diseases. Positioning traps for mice or rats are just a momentary solution, leaving the more significant population in the walls untouched. You will need professional Pest Control Auckland Service experts to deal with a rodent problem.

Stinging insects can also make life miserable, but seeking Pest Control Auckland Service to help clear these out will make life much more enjoyable. Wasps will most likely build their paper nests right beneath the eaves of your home. This can make certain areas of your lawn potentially dangerous to use.

Steam n Dry Pest Control services help maintain a healthy environment in your home and our community. Our compliance with trained government-licensed technicians and industry pesticide standards ensures effective pest control solutions.

Pest Control Hazards

Knowing the hazards is the key to controlling injuries and illnesses in pest control operations. Once you know the risks, you can eliminate or control them with engineering or administrative controls as needed. Indeed, here are some common threats you’ll find in the pest control trade:

  1. Respiratory hazards from pesticide inhalation
  2. Skin irritation and burns after the skin absorbs concentrated pesticides
  3. Eye irritation and potential blindness from total pesticide exposure to the eyes
  4. Insects, rodents, snake bites, working in crawl spaces, etc.
  5. Heat conditions from working in hot areas while wearing protective clothing for an extended amount of time


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